Dental Implants

The Less Invasive Path to a Beautiful Smile

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants, the most natural option!

Dental implants today are the number one treatment choice for people living with missing or failing teeth or those who dislike their ill-fitting traditional dentures. Harrison Dental provides patients with leading-edge dental implant treatments including single implants, implant-supported bridges, and full-mouth dental implant solutions.

Benefits of dental implants can include: restored confidence, freedom to eat what you want again, smiling, laughing, socializing without fear, and so much more. Dental implant treatments look and feel the most natural and can last a lifetime.

Dental Implants – The Right Choice

A dental implant mimics a natural tooth; the implant acts as the root of a tooth and a crown or bridge of teeth is attached providing a permanent, beautiful, long-lasting new smile. Dental implants can do more than just replace missing teeth. Sometimes complications can occur after losing a tooth whether from an accident, decay, or an extraction. Often the longer you wait, the worse the problem can get and more expensive.

At Harrison Dental, we provide advanced dental implant solutions that can address all of your needs and offer choices that fit your personal, medical and financial situation.


For patients who need a single implant, a crown is placed on top of the screw using an abutment for attachment. This can be a simple procedure that provides a natural-looking crown that matches the surrounding teeth.


If you are missing multiple teeth, an implant-supported bridge might be a good long-term choice. The Clearwater team uses several implants to retain a bridge of teeth. Unlike a traditional bridge that requires natural teeth to be filed down for support, the implant-supported bridge uses no support from neighboring natural teeth, preventing damage to healthy teeth.


In the case of a full arch replacement, a bridge of teeth is secured to anywhere from four to six dental implants. Full arch restorations using a fixed dental implant solution are the closest a patient can come to natural teeth. A fixed solution means that the teeth are fixed in place and can only be removed by a dentist. You may have heard this referred to as an All-on-4, 5, or 6.

Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Our team will evaluate your situation and recommend treatment options for you. Many patients are good candidates for this procedure. During your dental implant appointment, your Harrison Dental doctor will use 3-D imaging to understand your unique situation and provide a customized treatment plan including the cost. You will also learn about 3rd party financing with affordable payment plans.

So, if you are considering dental implants, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment to talk to our team about whether implants are right for you.

Absolutely the Best. The staff is 2nd to none. Fully trained and Certified. Their Harrison Dental Plan is the best plan I’ve run across; especially reasonable for a family.

R. Rhodes

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