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The team of scientists at Forward Science made it their mission to combat the dangers of oral cancer. Their vision led to the development of OralID, the latest in oral screening technology. OralID is a fluorescent device which detects abnormalities in oral tissue. It is designed to share the portability and simplicity of that of a flashlight. Such characteristics make OralID a far more efficient method of screening than its predecessors, saving time and money for dentists and patients alike.

After researching the product, the professional dentists at Harrison Dental quickly realized its efficiency. We have since adopted OralID as our preferred method of oral screening. Upon scheduling an appointment at Harrison Dental, you will receive this simple screening process as part of your checkup. Not only is OralID a much faster method of screening, it is also pain-free and mess-free! If you are at risk of developing oral cancer, the trained staff at Harrison Dental can put your mind at ease. For questions regarding the oral screening process, feel free to contact Harrison Dental or visit the OralID website at www.oralid.com.

Oral Cancer

Each year in the U.S. alone, approximately 48,250 individuals are newly diagnosed with oral cancer. Unfortunately at this time the majority are found as late-stage disease. This accounts for the very high death rate; about half those diagnosed will not survive more than five years. The good news is that a doctor or hygienist can see or feel the precancerous tissue changes which might lead to a cancer. The examination will only take 3 to 7 minutes of your time. Historically associated with tobacco, studies now show that HPV16, a sexually transmitted virus, is the fastest growing cause of oral cancers in the U.S. Oral cancer patients are increasingly young, healthy, nonsmoking individuals. Everyone over the age of 18 should be screened annually. The visual and tactile exam is inexpensive, painless and quick.

Facts About Oral Cancer

Early Indicators of Oral Cancer

  • Red/white discolorations in the mouth
  • Sores that take longer than 14 days to heal
  • Hoarseness of the voice that lasts a prolonged amount of time

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